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Soulspell - A Legacy of Honor

Image of Soulspell - A Legacy of Honor


Soulspell - A Legacy of Honor

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01. The Gathering
02. Age Of Silence
03. Troy
04. Alexandria
05. Milvian Bridge
06. The Blacksmith
07. The Impaler
08. A Little Too Far
09. Army of Just One Mind
10. Soulspell
11. Weight Of Evil
12. Eternal Skies
13. The Last Life

"A Legacy of Honor" was produced by Tito Falaschi [Shaman, Almah] and the artwork was created by J.P. fournier [Avantasia, Edguy, Draonforce]. Guests on the album includes Renato Tribuzy [Tribuzy], Iuri Sanson [Hibria], Leandro Cacoilo [ex. Eterna] among others.