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Signum Regis - The Eyes of Power

Image of Signum Regis - The Eyes of Power


Signum Regis - The Eyes of Power

1. Renewal in the East
2. Dura Europos
3. Purpleborn
4. Mystical Majesty
5. One Fatal Enterprise
6. The Underground Temple
7. Oathbreaker
8. Roma Aeterna
9. Destroyers of the World

"The Eyes Of Power" is a one of a kind conceptual metal album. The whole concept revolves around real historical events that defined the Roman – Persian relations during the late antiquity (224 – 630 AD) in the Middle East. The album feat. Göran Edman [ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum] on vocals, and is mastered by Greg Reely [Fear Factory, Machine Head, Coldplay].

“The Eyes of Power” is a masterpiece of epic, melodic metal. Don’t miss out!

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