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Shadowside - Inner Monster Out

Image of Shadowside - Inner Monster Out


Shadowside - Inner Monster Out

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Track listing:
01. Gag Order
02. Angel with Horns
03. Habitchual
04. In the Name of Love
05. Inner Monster Out
06. I'm Your Mind
07. My Disrupted Reality
08. A Smile Upon Death
09. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. Waste of Life
12. Ace of Spades (bonus track)

Power, energy, intensity. These three words defined Shadowside’s career path very well, a band that is considered nowadays the rising star of Brazilian Rock/Metal. "Inner Monster Out" brings a heavy, bold, aggressive and intense sound, accompanied by what's considered by the fans and reviewers as one of the most powerful female vocals in the scene today.

"Inner Monster Out" was produced, mixed, and mastered at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström (ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, BRING ME THE HORIZON, IN FLAMES), and features guest vocals from the likes of Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK), Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY), and Niklas Isfeldt (DREAM EVIL). The artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH].

Check out the music video for the track "Angel with Horns" over at YouTube: