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Painside - Dark World Burden

Image of Painside - Dark World Burden


Painside - Dark World Burden

Release date is set to April 2nd! Pre-order now, and we'll ship the album one week ahead of the release date!

01. Ignite the fire
02. Where darkness rules
03. Collapse the lies
04. The deviant
05. This dark world
06. Sand messiah
07. Forsaken
08. Serpent's tongue
09. The edge
10. Martyr
11. Redeemers in blood

Inspired by the traditional sound of pioneering bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, while adding modern influences from bands such as Nevermore and Disturbed, the band’s sound is an
elaborate and diverse emotional rollercoaster backed by sharp riffs, in your face vocals and a crunching sound to color the sonic landscape.

The CD was mixed by Alex Macedo (Syren, Atlântida) and Renato Tribuzy (Tribuzy), who also produced the record, at Full Sound Studios in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Appearing as guests are Gus Monsanto (Revolution Renaissance, Takara, ex-Adagio), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) and Renato himself, helping intertwine the group’s musical vision, uniting the past and the present of heavy music.

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