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Andromeda - II = I

Image of Andromeda - II = I


Andromeda - II = I

This classic album is finally made available again! The album is remastered and comes with liner notes.

We ship now!

Track listing;
01. Encyclopedia
02. Mirages
03. Reaching Deep Within
04. Two Is One
05. Morphing Into Nothing
06. Castaway
07. Parasite
08. One In My Head
09. This Fragile Surface

Andromeda with several albums and tours under their belt is definitely one of the most successful progressive metal bands in Scandinavia and Europe.

Stronger than ever Andromeda is here to show you something you have not heard before. Dark, brutal, energic and intelligent. Open your ears and you too will transcend into the multifaceted galaxy of Andromeda!